Sunday, December 6, 2009

...On the rocks

Son-in-law visiting from Washington state had a goal of getting in some hiking/climbing while they were here over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty dismal for most of their visit.

His youngest and oldest brothers-in-law joined him early one morning ... drizzle and fog, but boys climbing on rocks are bound to have fun regardless of the weather!

I know, Rick, we don't have mountains to compare to what's in your own backyard. Shoot; how am I ever going to convince you to move East?!!

"On the rocks" HaHa ... did you think it had to do with alcohol?!!


  1. I know what you mean about the dismal weather. My son and family were visiting from Florida and really wanted to walk at Hawk Mountain in Hamburg, PA. We went, but no sweeping vistas to be seen. We were socked in with fog and drizzle, but we still had fun.

  2. Love the photos Aunt Donna!! That baby boy sure is sweet....I love the photos Rhonda put on FB of mom and dad with him too.