Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Recipient!

I gave Dr. Moses the baby quilt today. He said that he'll take it home and cover "the muffin" (as he fondly refers to their unborn child) with it while they watch the Steeler game Sunday. Then he carried it around with him a good bit of the afternoon; I think he really liked it! Some of the girls commented that it isn't fair that the only way it seems I make a quilt is if someone's having a baby. I told them I'd have to give some thought to that one. Now I've really really got to get started on Ashley's twin's quilts or the babies will be here before I know it. Got two days ahead of me and no excuse not to get started, so we'll see. Happy weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby news!

I got a three word text message as I was leaving work today ... "It's a boy!"

I do believe this is what they were hoping for; given a choice, of course, a healthy baby, no matter which gender. I think Rick has some nieces on his side of the family and this will be the first boy, so I'm happy for them. I'll just have to put away my pink and lace for another time!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sew Busy!

I never left the house on Saturday. I had a baby quilt to finish for Dr. Moses' upcoming addition, due Valentines Day. And of course, to finish something, you first have to start it! Dr. Moses is a huge Steelers fan, and the baby is a boy (assuming ultrasound is correct) so I knew I wanted to do something combining blue and the Steelers. In my favor was the fact that I had made a purchase through eBay of a bundle of pre-cut Steeler fabric squares, so it was a matter pretty much of sitting down at the machine and stitching. Got that done Saturday. Then I spent Sunday hand quilting with a black pearl floss that really shows up nicely. And, ta-da!, now it's done! My next project, baby quilts for Ashley's twins. One blue, one pink ... I've oodles of ideas in my head, just need to pin one down!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A movie date!

My husband and I went to the movies last night to see Clint Eastwood (one of Ronnie's favorite actors) in Gran Torino. We had seen previews for it on television and it looked really good, and all I can say is, the previews didn't lie! There was a lot of foul language and as I like to say to my little brother, because he think's it funny, it offended my sensibilities, once you overlooked that and just got into the story, it was a great movie. No one rushed to stand up at the end and dash out of the theatre, I think everyone was kind of still absorbing how it ended. Well worth seeing. And it was Ronnie's first real "senior moment" in that a senior ticket is two dollars less than a regular adult ticket, and it starts at age 55, so why not take advantage of the savings? I'd like to see Bride Wars, and I'd like to see Marley and Me (althought maybe at home, 'cause I know it'll be a tear jerker) but I can wait until they come out on video. Football's on and I've got to go make some wings. Later!

Test squares

Sometimes I just love a pattern I see so much that I want to put aside what I'm doing and work it up to see how my version looks. Then if I'm still in love with it, I'll turn it into something bigger at some point. I have several paper pieced patterns that incorporate a narrow black border between each piece that is added, creating a stained glass effect. It's beautiful! The one in pink was a possible pillow top for Relay for Life's raffle/fundraising efforts, then I realized I didn't have enough matching fabric to make two. So it's been pinned to the wall above my sewing machine, and there it stays! Just wanted to show you that it's okay to just sew for the fun of sewing, especially if you have a lot of scrap fabric like I do. It seems like the right thing to do!

Projects in progress ...

I have several small quilt tops completed that would make nice baby quilts. The most recent one is a paper pieced pattern of little girls that is called "Baby Peeps". Not so appropriate if Rhonda is having a boy, but I know plenty of other expectant moms; I'm sure there's a baby girl out there somewhere! The one that is all blues is called "Cubby Hole" and the other is just a scrap quilt of a design that I'm not sure where I found. Rhonda's next sonagram is scheduled for a week from this coming Tuesday and hopefully the baby isn't too bashful to let us know what to expect! I'm excited beyond words to know I'm going to have a grandchild; I just wish she didn't live so darned far away (3,000 miles!).

Wild Child !!

Every now and again Rachel lets loose and acts absolutely silly! She had some friends over and they were dancing and carrying on and she decided to do a rendition of a little air guitar solo ... oh, my, they grow up so fast! She'll hate me for putting this on here, but she'll get over it!

Second Childhood!

When I get burned out on sewing quilts and quilt blocks, I make doll clothes for a change of pace. They're a quick, easy way to be creative and be able to see almost instant results. Reminds me of when Rhonda was a baby and everyone at church said she never wore the same dress twice ... each week her Mommy would make her a new one! That's pretty much true, and I loved every minute of it! 95% of the things I've made, I've given away to daughters of co-workers or my little niece Leslee. I've promised matching dresses to my great niece Avery for her and her doll, so I've got to get working on that. No doubt I'll have plenty to keep me busy this winter! Here are a few of the things I've made that, for whatever reason, are still in my possession. (I guess so that my own dolls aren't naked!) There'll always be a little bit of a little girl in this person!

Baby Quilts

The picture below is one of a quilt I made for my co-worker Kelly's baby boy Blain. It's focus fabric was a jungle print which was in keeping with her nursery theme; and if you knew Kelly, you'd know she isn't your traditional pastel baby-print kinda girl. Anyway, she liked it and that's all that mattered!

The picture above is one I called "Molly's Braids" for Springs's baby girl Molly. She loved it and uses it every day, which is exactly what I'd hoped for. We've had an absolute epidemic of pregnancies amongst our staff and it's my goal to make each of them a baby quilt. Ashley's expecting twins in April, a boy and a girl, and I need to get going on hers. I have a couple of tops done that will probably end up going to Rhonda. A week from Tuesday we will hopefully find out if she's having a boy or a girl. I have some other project pictures to put on. Maybe I'll inspire someone...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pillows for Relay

Here are some pillows I made for last year's Relay. They are a very popular raffle item. We didn't have as big a turnout last year as the weather was miserable. I'm hoping this year will be our biggest fundraiser yet. The kids at my teenager's high school do an amazing job and last year raised a tremendous amount of money. Each year we're inspired to beat our previous goal.


For the past several years, I have been helping support our local Relay for Life by crafting pillows from cancer themed fabrics as well as contacting some local businesses for donations that are included in our raffle. I thought I'd try to get an earlier start this year, as the Relay is held in May and that will be here before we know it! I'd love to be able to actually get a quilt made instead of just pillows, even if it was just a lap sized quilt. Who knows, maybe this will be the year!

Here goes nothing!

Well, I'm going to give this a try. I have been inspired by my niece Lisa, a beautiful stay-at-home mom of three and so enjoy reading her blogs, that I thought I'd try my own.

Today is my day off from my job as a "patient coordinator" at a very busy dental practice in small town USA. I intend to get some sewing done, and laundry's an every day event at this house. (I smile when I see someone refer to a specific day of the week as "laundry day". EVERYDAY has always been laundry day for me. Guess it's part of the package when you decide to have a large family.

Once I learn how to add pictures to this, I'll show some of the projects I'm working on. With grandchild #1 due in June, I want to make several baby quilts, but until I know the gender of the child, I'm holding off since I'd like to do some things more gender specific.

Okay, going to see if this worked. More later. Bye!