Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pillows for Relay

Here are some pillows I made for last year's Relay. They are a very popular raffle item. We didn't have as big a turnout last year as the weather was miserable. I'm hoping this year will be our biggest fundraiser yet. The kids at my teenager's high school do an amazing job and last year raised a tremendous amount of money. Each year we're inspired to beat our previous goal.


  1. The front one is my favorite - did you embroider that design yourself with a machine or was it a patch you got somewhere? Do you have a "fancy" machine to do all your machine quilting with? Someday I hope to have more than the basic 10-stitch machine! I'm looking forward to seeing more projects!

  2. Hey, Renee! You found my blog! No, I don't have a fancy machine ... in fact, I've been using my mom's old Singer (it's probably older than you are!) because something broke on mine and I never bothered to take it in and have it looked at. There's something nostalgic about using my mother's machine that gives me a feeling of "connectedness" (I know that's not a REAL work but you know what I mean). I miss my folks so much; don't ever take one day for granted.