Monday, January 26, 2009

Sew Busy!

I never left the house on Saturday. I had a baby quilt to finish for Dr. Moses' upcoming addition, due Valentines Day. And of course, to finish something, you first have to start it! Dr. Moses is a huge Steelers fan, and the baby is a boy (assuming ultrasound is correct) so I knew I wanted to do something combining blue and the Steelers. In my favor was the fact that I had made a purchase through eBay of a bundle of pre-cut Steeler fabric squares, so it was a matter pretty much of sitting down at the machine and stitching. Got that done Saturday. Then I spent Sunday hand quilting with a black pearl floss that really shows up nicely. And, ta-da!, now it's done! My next project, baby quilts for Ashley's twins. One blue, one pink ... I've oodles of ideas in my head, just need to pin one down!

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