Sunday, January 18, 2009

A movie date!

My husband and I went to the movies last night to see Clint Eastwood (one of Ronnie's favorite actors) in Gran Torino. We had seen previews for it on television and it looked really good, and all I can say is, the previews didn't lie! There was a lot of foul language and as I like to say to my little brother, because he think's it funny, it offended my sensibilities, once you overlooked that and just got into the story, it was a great movie. No one rushed to stand up at the end and dash out of the theatre, I think everyone was kind of still absorbing how it ended. Well worth seeing. And it was Ronnie's first real "senior moment" in that a senior ticket is two dollars less than a regular adult ticket, and it starts at age 55, so why not take advantage of the savings? I'd like to see Bride Wars, and I'd like to see Marley and Me (althought maybe at home, 'cause I know it'll be a tear jerker) but I can wait until they come out on video. Football's on and I've got to go make some wings. Later!

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  1. Aunt Donna you are doing great!! I enjoyed every post. The quilting is beautiful. My girlfriend was over last night and she gushed about the pillow and asked where it came from. It sits on my sofa, I love it, Christmas fabric and all.