Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Quilts

The picture below is one of a quilt I made for my co-worker Kelly's baby boy Blain. It's focus fabric was a jungle print which was in keeping with her nursery theme; and if you knew Kelly, you'd know she isn't your traditional pastel baby-print kinda girl. Anyway, she liked it and that's all that mattered!

The picture above is one I called "Molly's Braids" for Springs's baby girl Molly. She loved it and uses it every day, which is exactly what I'd hoped for. We've had an absolute epidemic of pregnancies amongst our staff and it's my goal to make each of them a baby quilt. Ashley's expecting twins in April, a boy and a girl, and I need to get going on hers. I have a couple of tops done that will probably end up going to Rhonda. A week from Tuesday we will hopefully find out if she's having a boy or a girl. I have some other project pictures to put on. Maybe I'll inspire someone...

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  1. The colors and pattern of Molly's Braids is really eye-popping - I hope I get to be as good as that some day...