Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap - Join in!!

My friend Rachel Griffith of p.s. i quilt has an awesome tutorial for a quick little friendship bag, and a link to a swap that sounds like lots of fun. (Okay, I'm technically challenged, but if you click on the p.s. i quilt, it'll take you to Rachel's blog which'll take you to the site. The picture/button is apparently just a picture because I didn't do it right!)

Registration is open until August 20th, so get the word out and then join in! I think it looks pretty easy peasy. Hardest part will probably be deciding what fabric to use, and then, what to put in it! I'd love to get my butt in gear and make them for my co-workers for Christmas, but now that we're a staff of about 25, that's a pretty big undertaking. We'll see!

Off to the Quilt Odyssey today at Hershey. Dismal day, thunderstorms, dark and gloomy, but it'll be all good inside that convention center! Oh, yeah, gotta remind myself that I do have a budget!


  1. I'm making mine now, I could not wait any longer. lol

  2. I know ... I want to make one now, too!