Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scrappy Christmas Block Swap

I know, I know, another swap! They're addictive!

The idea is that you will receive 12 scrappy 12 inch blocks to use as you'd like. Getting ready for Christmas and it's still summertime. Now THAT makes me feel productive! I saw a really cute tree skirt made up with these and I think that's what I will do.

This was my first effort. I like it. A particular participant likes it; but I don't think she's in my group. Then I found some other Christmas fabrics in my stash that I thought I'd work up, so not sure yet which ones I'll swap. I need 12 for trading. You had a choice of signing up for just six, or for twelve, and well, you know me! Okay, back to the sewing machine ...


  1. Cool Block!
    I saw you commented on our blog asking for quilt services! If you can get it to us this week we could probably finish it for you!
    -The Back Porch Quilters :)/Rhonda :)

  2. looks great aunt donna! hope to see you this weekend...

  3. Im in your group, and Im excited to get one of these blocks...very cute!

  4. I like it too! It is neat that there are so many different approaches! I think that I am in your group, that is if you are none other than Donna Weible!