Saturday, August 21, 2010

Remember the baby bunny....?

Back in the spring, I had posted about my daughter bringing home a little black baby bunny. And that he looked lonely and I thought he needed a friend. So she brought home his brother. The Vo-ag teacher said it was a boy, really, she did !! They did get around to some antics that you wouldn't expect from two boy bunnies, but I did some research, and it said it was normal. I came home from work one day to find that the white bunny had pulled out almost all of it's fur and lined the sleeping area of the hutch with it..... hmmmm .......... what could that mean? The next afternoon, I got a frantic phone call from my daughter: "Mom, we have a problem!" (I love that "we", don't you?!!) "What kind of a problem?" I asked ... "We have baby bunnies!!!" she answered! Oh, my. Now what?!!

So the picture shows what you get when you aren't sure of the gender of your furry little friends. Daddy rabbit was immediately quarantined to his own hutch. Poor guy, he looks at me like "What did I do?!!"

So pictured are three week old baby bunnies, the two of the litter of four that survived. I'm not sure what their future holds. Daughter says that they're keepers but I am thinking not. We'll see. 'Cause if one of them is a boy, well, here we go again!

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