Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wendy's Quilt

One of the reasons I didn't blog this spring is that I was busy raising money for our Relay for Life team. I wasn't afraid to resort to bribery, so I offered to give a handmade quilt to a winner by random drawing from folks who donated to my effort. Then I got such a tremendous response from folks all over.... real life friends, family, and most amazingly, to me, at least, from "virtual" friends. My Farmville neighbors on Facebook that don't know me from Adam! So I decided I'd give away three quilts. One for each group. The first went to a virtual friend, and was won by my very first Farmville neighbor Georgia who lives in Arizona.

The second quilt was to go to a "real life" friend and was won by Wendy, a member of my monthly Wednesday night Stampin' Up Club (boy, we have fun!). My sister-in-law clued me in that Wendy loves Halloween, so I remembered this fun layer cake fabric pack I had been gifted and really never knew what to do with .... ta-da, perfect for Wendy's quilt! Just presented it to her last week and it was a hit!

The last of the three give-away quilts was to go to a family member and was won by my best friend and little brother, Jay. I haven't started this one yet but know exactly what I want to do. His birthday is in November and it WILL be done in time. (That is my new mantra!)

Well, how's that for trying to catch up: three posts in one day!!

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