Monday, September 21, 2009

Ann's Wonky Red Stars for Bee Inspired .. 3 so far!

I packaged up five "wonky" stars for one of this month's Bee Inspired members. I had steered away from this kind of block because it just went against my grain to do something that was purposefully not "normal". Then I had no choice, because this is the block Ann from Denmark (I know, cool, huh?!!) chose. So I looked up some tutorials and found one that really worked for me. And lo and behold. These stars are made with about as much precision as you'd ever care to use in putting together a quilt square.

I started by giving some thought to how big I wanted the finished square to be. Ann requested a variety of sizes, but none bigger than 12 1/2 inches unfinished. The block is basically a nine patch, with the center block being a different color from the background blocks. Then you add various sized triangles to the outer blocks, basically using the flip and sew method. Assemble your nine patch block, pressing as you go, and voila! A Wonky Star Is Born! I've discovered that a little spray starch makes for a lovely finished product. These are going in the mail this morning on my way to work. Thanks, Ann, I've discovered a new favorite! (I like the name "Maverick" star as well.)

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