Saturday, September 5, 2009

A fashion statement

Rhonda bought Steven some fancy outdoorsy britches for his birthday and when I caught that he was wearing them, I thought I'd grab a picture for her.

And these were sitting on the step at my elbow, so I thought, why not? So here's a little taste of Autumn color soon to come...

Of course, according to Steven, the photo SHOULD be of his new gun. The first one he's purchased all by himself (so now he's officially a registered gun owner.).

He came home from work on the run, said "Brian (his cousin) wants me to meet him at the state game lands in Newville. They're supposed to have the best dove hunting in the state!" And before I knew it, he and his dad were both geared up and out the door! I just shake my head and say "whatever." !!


  1. Oh, yeah, they're plenty long enough. In case he never said "thank you", he says "thank you!".

  2. I talked to Brian on the phone that day....