Sunday, September 27, 2009

A beautiful wedding....

My nephew Brian and his beautiful bride Jessica exchanged vows Friday afternoon in a simple outdoor ceremony held at the Allenberry Playhouse. I wondered to myself why they chose to have the wedding on a Friday, as Saturday is more traditional. Maybe it was because Saturday turned out to be one of the rainiest days we've had in fact, it's still raining!

Anna and Avery looked adorable in the pillowcase dresses Lisa made for them. The children were all very well behaved for both the ceremony and the reception. I'd say their parents are doing something right!

I was so pleased Shannon was able to come and meet some of Tim's family. He's right, he does look quite handsome, and Shannon looked lovely. Maybe the next wedding? Who knows!

It isn't very often that Steven has to fly solo, but Ashleigh couldn't get out of her field hockey match, so wasn't able to attend. He looks a little lost without her!

Here Brian and Steven try to "out-handsome" each other. Oh, those Weible boys! (And actually, Tim decided he was the most handsome of them all!)


  1. I was surprised to see some of my pix popping up all over blogs the last two days! The girls did look great, didn't they? Lisa did a wonderful job with the dresses and the headpieces.

    To answer your question about the baby blanket, it was a quilt kit from Joanne's, so I did NOT come up with it on my own... They had 4 or 5 to choose from. A precious little pink and brown toile also - if only she knew it were a girl!

  2. Everyone looks beautiful. Yah!! on that New Moon countdown, I can't wait.