Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Swaps Completed

Terri, from California, wants snowmen and Christmas blues and greens for her blocks, so this is what my stash yielded. Not snowmen per say, but snowmen accessories! I hope she likes it.

Susi in Germany wanted polka dots, so this was my version. It'll be interesting to see what the recipients do with their blocks. Only one more month [as two people dropped out :( ] and then this swap will be finished. I've some other projects to be working on, a friendship bag swap that I need to double-check the send date on (Got my SIL Peggy involved in that one ... her first swap!) so no problems staying busy.

Show and Tell A quilt for all.September 001
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September's swap blocks for the Show and Tell Quilts for All are now done and ready to be mailed. I've discovered that you can't send internationally from the automated machine at the post office, so I'll get these packaged up and head out to work early Tuesday. I have one to Germany and one to Canada as well as a couple within the U.S.

p.s. Ooops, Rachel, no, I didn't forget about our Bee Inspired swap, but I haven't even received the fabrics yet, so obviously can't be done with that one! Eagerly awaiting..... "No, Mr. Postal Delivery Person, I am most certainly NOT mentally unbalanced!"

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