Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Ben Update

Five weeks old today ... doesn't seem possible.

Rhonda's Aunt Peggy, Benjamin's GREAT Aunt Peggy, made him this beautiful afghan. (Gee, Peg, does that make you feel old ?!!)

This time tomorrow night, I'll be fretting about what I've forgotten to put in my suitcase. Which, at this moment, is still empty!


  1. just get to hold this little guy in less than 72 hours!!!

  2. Oh my stink! He is perfect!!!

    (I don't say that about everyone, promise!)

  3. Aunt Donna - I am so excited for you!!! Has it REALLY been 5 weeks already?!? He looks like he's thriving! Hope Rhonda has settled easily into motherhood. Please tell her thanks for her comments!