Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ben Approved

I didn't want to blog Benjamin's Pooh quilt until I gave it to him.
Now THIS is the way to display a baby quilt!

Benjamin give Grammie's handiwork a thumbs up!
(Yes, I am SO loving being here with him. My daughter commented last evening that she didn't "get to" change him once yesterday! I told her to remember that in ten days when I've gone back to Pennsylvania and she's changing the fifth poopie diaper of the day!)


  1. awww.
    look at him.
    SO precious on his cute little quilt.

    {and i love that binding!!!}

  2. i can't say it enough, he is perfect. oh enjoy it aunt donna. are you already planning your next trip out?? we are hoping to have no more diapers by next weekend. i will be diaper free for the first time in 7 years.....what will i do with myself???

  3. He sure is cute. That second picture is great, and the Pooh quilt is cute!