Sunday, June 14, 2009

Love at first sight!

I can't remember the last time I had butterflies in my stomach like I did as my plane approached the airport in Seattle, Talk about an important blind date! When I saw Rhonda and Ben coming down the hall towards the baggage claim area, I wanted to leap the barrier and scoop him up!

I didn't want to put him down so we could leave the airport. For some strange reason, his parents seem to think I'm going to spoil him while I'm here. I, however, think that's already been done! More later!


  1. Oh Aunt Donna I am so excited for you. The happiness on your face is priceless!! Enjoy every minute.

  2. What an awesome picture! Have a great visit!

  3. ooh ooh ohh.
    i'm so happy for you.
    like tears in my eyes happy for you!!!

  4. the smile says it all!

    congrats on finally getting to meet little Ben!


  5. Thanks for your nice comment about my DSQ6 quilt. It was fun coming over here and seeing that big smile on your face!