Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Western Washington Shop Hop

So, what are the odds that when I would ask my daughter if she knew if there were any quilt shops in the area that she would do some on-line research and discover that the W. Washington Shop Hop started today!

So we did a little further research and discovered that there were several shops within a twenty mile radius of their home. So Benjamin gave us permission to do a little shop hopping today.

I made a couple of small purchases, which shall remain undisclosed, as they are all gift related. I did buy a nice Amy Butler bag pattern that my daughter liked. Then we tried to find fabric to make one for Rhonda and wow! is she picky. We're going out tomorrow to see some water somewhere (?) and there are a couple more shops on the way, so we plan on trying to stop then.

Benjamin was an absolute angel and a real conversation starter. We wore him out!


  1. awww.
    he looks SO cuddly.

    i love the pic of yall on the bench with the quilt.
    SO cute.

  2. Oh I wish I was there! I'd go hopping with you!
    He is just perfect!

  3. Love the photos Aunt D. This will be a nice memory to look back at, so glad you are still blogging while gone! Here visiting mom and dad, enjoying the cool weather, NOT enjoying the ticks. Which is why my time stamp will state 4:20am, I just felt one crawling up my arm and it woke me. Thats what I get for letting a mangy dog sleep near me......grrrrr

  4. Hi Donna! I think we met yesterday in Woodinville. You have the cutest grandbaby ever! I'm glad you had fun. Have a safe trip home!