Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Boy Blue

Our little cutie pie is growing and changing so fast. Just a few more days home with mommy until she goes back to work and then all sorts of new adventures lie ahead! Mommy and daddy finally found a suitable hat to shield his brand new little head from the hot summer sun. Have you ever seen such a precious little face? (Indulge me a little bit here ... !!) Looks like he's practicing his Grampa Ronnie couch potato impersonation ... I'm sure he'll have it perfected by Thanksgiving when he comes to visit. Love you, Ben!


  1. I hope we get to meet him!! And yes one day Tripp will look back and want to kill me. Can you blame me?! That's one cute tushy!!!

  2. That last picture was taken the day before you left! I see they are still small. Are you stealing the full size pictures from photobucket or just the thumbnails? It's supposed to get into the 90's this week... we'll melt!