Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Placemat swap received

This is the awesome placemat I received as part of a swap I participated in. Confession: this is a staged picture. I don't even LIKE orange juice! (But I did eat the toast!!) Thanks again, Lynne, I love, love, love it!!


  1. Well, I love mine too, except my dinner wasn't staged!

  2. hi donna,
    vanessa here from moda bake shop i gave this answer to your question on the MBS comment section but i thought i would copy and paste here it as well for you!

    i used crushed clam shells because...uh it was the only thing available in my super small town. honestly i don't know why they have it here in the this farming community but they use it for something. and hence i went in there with the thought of "what can i use to stuff these babies?" and away i walked with crushed clam shells. i found it in my local IFA (international Farm Assoc) store.
    but yes if you have a pet store i would go with the crushed walnut shells that nedra suggested.
    and there you have it.