Sunday, July 5, 2009

Show and Tell/A Quilt For All

The Show and Tell Block group started out as a project where each participant made just one block and sent it to Susi in Germany where they would be combined into one quilt to be displayed, um, some where or another ... I really don't remember! Then one of the members suggested that those interested could sign up to do a "Quilt ForAll", meaning each person who chose to be involved would ultimately end up with enough blocks to make their own quilt. Of course I jumped on that bandwagon! So there were three people to sew for in June, then each other month is just two. That doesn't seem like much sewing but when you're sandwiching it in with all that other stuff called life, it can sometimes be a challenge. So my June blocks are done ... and if the day continues to go well, July will be done as well before I go to bed tonight!


  1. The coppertone butt was my girlfriends little boy, Aubrey. I had to change Keegans shorts earlier in the day for a tie on pair cause he was showing more than just his coppertone butt, if you know what I mean.....The kids were so stinkin cute walking out to the waves to ride them in, they thought they were really surfing.

  2. Hey now... you bugged me to make a blog and then didn't go comment on it?!? :P

  3. i'm glad you got rhonda on board with blogging. i look forward to keeping up with her, way to go!!