Sunday, April 26, 2009

Awesome Yard Sales!

The annual East Berlin community yard sale was held yesterday. The weather was more what you'd expect for July, not late April, so it was a great experience. I found a number of very nice things for Rhonda and Rick's baby (only six more weeks, folks!)

The white with yellow polka dot one piece footed sleeper was brand new w/tags still attached. $1.00 !!! The others are very nice, like new, green seemed to be the trendy color.

This little three piece set with the velour jacket and pants should be perfect for this winter. It's like new as well. And she loves Classic Pooh, so the bib was a must! The little jeans are OshKosh and baby Guess ... a steal for a dollar each.

The two lighter colored sets both have frog designs, another fav of my daughters. More Pooh, overalls this time. These are all 6-9 months, so again, I'm thinking this winter. The dark one piece outfit is kind of a sweatshirt material, very soft and comfy. I loved these for my kids. (Wasn't that just a really short time ago? How can I be buying these for my GRANDSON?!!)

There were tons of baby things there. Sadly enough, 90% of it was stained. Sometimes you had to look twice to see it, depending on if you were standing in the shade. I just won't buy something stained. Chances are it won't come out because it's already been set by the clothes dryer. All the things I bought are in perfect condition.

And the best part is ... it all fit into one flat rate box, so it's on it's way to Washington!!


  1. Oh yeah!!!! Congrats!! Nice finds!

  2. Is it really only 6 weeks?! How exciting!