Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easy peasy labels

So years ago someone said something about ironing fabric onto ??? I thought "waxed" paper to run through your printer to make labels. Tried it, didn't work. Fabric didn't adhere to the paper. So I totally discarded that idea as a bunch of bunk. Recently I've read about people making labels by ironing plain fabric onto FREEZER paper ... and amazingly, it works fabulously! I was so excited when it feed through my inkjet (NOT laser ... it'd melt and probably ruin your printer!) printer perfectly (well, perfectly the second time around because the first time I loaded it fabric side up and in my printer, at least, it needs to be paper side up). So now I have absolutely NO excuse for not labeling something because I have 75 FEET of freezer paper~ Woo-hoo !!!

1 comment:

  1. alot of peole use this method.
    yours look great.

    i promised somebody in the bee inspired group that i would post a tutorial on how i do my labels. i should probably be doing that soon.