Friday, April 17, 2009

Marley and Ginger and Me

Guys are away so my daughter and I watched Marley and Me. Well, I watched it in it's entirety, she fell asleep (but has already seen it several times). Her sleeping allowed me to bawl without reservation at the end.

And, I might add, seeing this movie (and I DID read the book first) made me realize that our lab ISN'T all that bad. She went through a stage before she was a year old where she would eat anything and everything in sight, and in fact had to have major surgery to remove some undigestible objects from her stomach (pantyhose among those items. The veterinarian said "It's YOUR job to protect her." And I'm thinking, WHO protects MY STUFF ?!!!

So, she's survived, we've survived, and somehow she's five years old already. And watching this movie reminds me that we won't have her forever, so we'll dang well love her while we do! Ahh, Ginger, what would we do without you?


  1. awww.
    i have seen the movie yet.
    or read the book.
    {boy i'm slacking. lol.}

    and seriously, does he die at the end??? awww.

    your little ginger is too cute.
    my hubby will fall in love with her when i show him the pic. he LOVES labs.

  2. that was supposed the say HAVEN'T seen the movie or read the book.

    my excuse is, i'm not real awake yet, so my typing skills suck.

  3. Yeah, the end's really sad. If you've ever had to have a pet put to sleep it brings back heart wrenching memories. Ginger's awesome ... your family would be so much more complete with a lab!

  4. the photo of the dvd tissue box and used tissues is great! I have read the book but refuse to watch the movie. I couldn't handle watching the ending, makes me think of Saedee. I still cry over that dumb dog!!