Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday - Funday !!

About six weeks ago my sister-in-law asked me if I'd be interested in joining her at a class given by a local quilt shop called the "Mini bow-tucks" purse and I said sure I would. Then I sort of forgot about it.

A couple of weeks ago she reminded me. I happened to have an afternoon off so I ran over to said quilt shop (about twenty miles from where I work, so forty miles from where I live) and registered for the class and picked up my materials. This is a picture of Peggy focusing on that perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance! ( hmmm ... I didn't notice that lady behind her had a tattoo around her ankle!)

We didn't get the project done there as planned, but most of it. And the instructor quickly walked us through the final stages of construction so we could finish putting it together at home. I knew if I didn't do it right away, who knows when it would get done. So ... here it is !!

Pockets the whole way around inside, fully lined, I'm quite impressed with myself. Vera Bradley, I may just be giving you a rest!


  1. you are the craftiest chick i know. and if you turn out the purses the way you turn out quilts....vera may go bankrupt!!!

  2. Very pretty! I love the two fabrics together.

  3. WOW!!!! that bag is fabulous!! what pattern is that? I would sure LOVE LOVE LOVE to make me one also!!!! could you email me what the pattern is?? I would greatly appreciate it!! your fellow bee inspired group buddy Stacey

  4. The pattern is by designer Penny Sturges for Quilts Illustrated. I bought it at a quilt shop. It's called ps026 Mini Bow Tucks. It was pretty easy.

  5. Adorable purse! I am just going to have to visit my local quilt shops to find that pattern. Thanks!