Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flavor of the week

I had planned to give this to Rachel for Valentine's Day, but she broke up with Zach (again) so I just put the panel I'd printed the picture on to away. Then they got back together (again) so I decided to put it together and give it to her for Easter.

It's removable, just in case ... well, you know. Would I want to be 16 again? I don't think so!


  1. me either!!!
    i'm SUPER glad that i found my hubby at 17, and even more glad i'm not single in this day in age...madness.

  2. I agree with Rachel!!

    I'm sooooo glad I'm not single!

  3. Aunt Donna, your work has been awesome! I love the easter runner you made and all the crinkled perfection. Thanks you for letting me know about the picture. I am so pleased that without any help I figured out how to make it smaller,it should open now. I agree Avery will be a wiz at cursive, but then again I might be partial!!!