Sunday, April 26, 2009

Victory Dance! ... I did it ... I did it ... uh-huh ... I did it!

All right, not to appear boastful or anything, but I love this quilt! I hope Betsy likes it. It's hard to know how someone who can afford to buy anything or any service that they desire will respond to a handmade gift. This is the largest thing I've free motioned quilted yet and it was a challenge. My kids are wanting quilts for their beds, one would be a twin and one a full, but I'm up for the task!

One of these days I'll make something and actually keep it for myself! What a novel idea ...


  1. Love it...I love those colors! How could someone not like this, it is beautiful!!!

  2. DONNA......I LOVE IT!!!
    and let me tell you she could not buy this handmade from you and she will probably cry.
    see ya turesday