Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Ben Saga Continues

I've asked Rhonda if she'll try to post at least one picture a day to her MySpace so I can feel connected with all they're going through. They've been more than cooperative ...

I love that Rick is already reading to the baby. Rhonda and Rick are both avid readers, as is this grandmother. Benjamin seems quite content to hear his daddy's voice.

Dosing in daddy's arms ... hopefully he doesn't roll off of daddy's lap!

Rhonda and baby, all in blue.

Benjamins's numbers are coming down nicely. Hopefully only one more day under these lights.

Rick says that "little old ladies make these hats for the newborns." He probably means us 50 year olds!


  1. glad to hear that benjamin is doing well.

  2. Donna, have them ask if he can go home earlier if they rent a Biliblanket- it's a little pad (not really a blanket) with those lights in it that they lay the baby on. We weren't offered one for my older son, but when the Bug was born so early it was allowed. We got to take him HOME and you can hold the baby with the lights still on them. They look like a little glow worm.

  3. Aunt Donna i too have gotten bit by the bug to buy for baby benjamin!! I have a package to send out tomorrow. oh how i miss all those little baby parts and them laying there so peaceful unable to talk back!! Those were the days ;) Thank you so much for my surprise. I loved all of it and appreciate it more than I could say. <3 Lisa Dawn