Sunday, May 10, 2009

A new life ... A new love.

I see these pictures and it still all feels so surreal to me. Until I can touch him, it's like it's all a dream. But a really, really great dream!

So instead of this year being Rhonda's first Mother-to-be Day, it ended up being a Mother's Day after all! I know she's overwhelmed with everything. After all, she thought she had six more weeks to get ready!

These pictures are so priceless to me ...

What a miracle the creation of life is. Look at this tiny piece of perfection.


  1. oh Aunt Donna he is awesome. They both look so happy. Rhonda looks wonderful. His fingers are perfect. oh how i would love to hold him on my shoulder and cup his tiny butt. That's my favorite thing.

  2. i very special mothers day for your daughter this year!