Friday, May 15, 2009

Ben makes progress

The kids (as parents can always refer to their children - of ANY age - have posted a whole lot of pictures to photobucket, so I chose a few to post here. The baby is doing really well; they were able to remove the feeding tube from his nose yesterday, he doesn't have to be under the bili-light any longer, and he's almost back to his birth weight. He still has another week of the i.v. antibiotic so projected discharge date is next Thursday. I may be a tad partial, but I think he's absolutely perfect!


  1. awww.
    the last pic just melted my heart!!!

    i have been saying prayers for little ben and i came here reading good news.
    god is awesome!!!

  2. Aunt Donna I could eat him. I mean really, I could eat him he is just so sweet. Please let Rhonda know I think he is perfect!

  3. Great pix Aunt Donna! So glad to hear he's doing well. Hope Rhonda is feeling good too.

  4. OH Donna he looks like he is doing awesome!