Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy for Benjamin

Between getting involved in my flickr group for the virtual quilting bee and cutting out and putting together the first of what will be many quilts for my up and coming grandson Benjamin (due in June) I realize I haven't posted anything since Thursday. So here's Ben's first quilt. Rhonda loves frogs and I am sure she's going to like it. Talked to her on the phone today and found out she's registered at Babies R Us so I can do some virtual shopping as well. Weekend's almost over, here we go again!


  1. Aunt Donna - where DO you find the time??? This quilt is another winner, as always! What kind of batting do you usually use? A woman at work just introduced me to a new kind that I've never seen before (keep in mind, I've only used the basics so far...) but can't remember what she called it. I will definitely be using it on the next project I do.

  2. Renee - I used Warm and Natural batting in this one, I bought it on sale at JoAnn's with a 50% off coupon where the "one cut of fabric is one item" deal, and it's sold on the bolt and you just buy how much you want. Also, if you're making baby quilts, you can get 4 small size battings out of one pre-packaged queen size batting. I just stay away from the high loft stuff. As for time, I don't have babies anymore; my crew is fairly self sufficient! (And I give up sleep when I need to!) Take Care.

  3. I love it Aunt Donna, I'm sure Rhonda will too. What a lucky little guy to get such precious gifts from grandma(or whatever you will be called, Oma, Nonnie,just throwing some ideas out there). Tripp goes no where without his trusty blanket. We have to pry it off of him just to get it washed. These will probably mean just as much to Benjamin and Rhonda. We leave first thing in the morning, I'll check back over the weekend!!