Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crazy Quilting

Sometimes I just start sewing with no real outcome in mind. That was pretty much what was going on when I found some muslin squares in the boxes of fabric Peggy gave me. I had been doing some research on foundation piecing and read where you could piece right onto fabric, rather than on paper, so I thought I'd play around with it. The result: a new pillow for the couch and a table topper that still needs the binding hand sewn on. The pillow top was actually paper pieced, in two sections for each square, then four squares sewn together with border added to make it big enough for the pillow I wanted to cover. Then I just made a simple envelope back (There, Renee, THAT's what it's called ... I just couldn't think of it when we spoke on the phone!) and ta-da! .. a new accessory for the living room. For the table topper, I just kept adding pieces and pressing as I went. In some places you have to turn an edge under and slip stitch, unless you're going to do a decorative top stitch (which I did with a simple zig-zag) and then the hand stitching isn't necessary. SuperBowl's on ... Steelers are up 3-0 and it's already the second quarter. Be time to get up and go to work before I know it!

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