Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shower gift finished!

Whew! The quilts I committed to making for my co-worker's baby shower (which is for twins) are done (all but labeling them). The shower will be Wednesday over our lunch break. I want to make a little doll quilt for her three year old daughter. That'll just be a fun little no-brainer. (You know, no pattern in particular, just put something cute together from what's at hand. I have plenty of scraps, so this shouldn't be a challenge.) One of the bloggers that I've enjoyed following is going to hostess a virtual quilting bee. It sounds like fun, and at the end of the year, each participant will have enough quilt squares to put together a quilt. I do so hope to be included. Well, here's a picture of my most recent endeavors. I liked the scrappy binding a lot. I'm very pleased with the end result. I hope Ashley likes them.

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  1. they look great aunt donna. everyone is feeling better around here and this morning are enjoying a "dusting" of snow. it's great to have my husband back, it is now like he never left. looking forward to next week for the cruise and enjoying some much needed sun and warmth....