Saturday, February 28, 2009

More fabric!

I love fabric! (silly statement from a quilter, huh?) I have been inspired by some pictures I've seen on other quilter's blogs with projects using yellows and oranges set in sparkling white and I had to go get me some! Much as I'm itching to start cutting and stitching, I'm going to wash it all first (hard to get the traditionalist out of an old timer). Oh, and that's not all I bought, so there'll be more! Happy weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I saw your comment over from Sew Me Something Good, so I came for a peek.

    That's a gorgeous stack of fabric -- love the colour combinations. My husband, the woodworker, always says you can never have too many clamps -- and so the saying goes for quilters -- you can never have too much fabric!

    Or can you?? (I'm not a quilter, but I love to enjoy the handiwork of other gifted hands.

    Cheers! (Come and visit sometime!)