Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrappy Bag

I didn't want to waste the little pink scraps I had left over from the quilt top I'm making, so I decided to "crazy quilt" them onto a muslin foundation piece and put together a cute little tote bag. And I might add, I love it !!! I may never throw away another scrap again!


  1. I love the tote Aunt Donna! Great idea and the quilt is looking fabulous too. Just one more day for Damian, Keegan is beside himself. We all can't wait.

  2. Hey, you! I wondered where you've been! I bet Keegan isn't the only one beside himself. I'm thrilled for you ... somehow it seems like this absence has been extra, extra long. Enjoy your reunion ... I KNOW pappy is looking forward to visiting and riding herd on your crew for a few days!

  3. I am curious to see the inside. Since it's all still so new to me, everything I do I still need a "pattern" for - I don't have the creative edge to just make it. Great job!