Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doll quilt swap WIP

So I'm thinking this swap thing is a lot of fun. I read blogs of gals who are involved in so many at once, I don't know how they keep them straight. My virtual quilting bee will last a year, but this little doll quilt swap is a one time thing, until I sign up for another, and I have almost two months to complete my project in. I think this is what I'm going with. I want to do some embellishing with applique, probably flowers and leaves, vines, something like that. Oh, American Idol is coming on ... gotta go!


  1. hi aunt donna,

    you had asked me what were all the weird comments on my blog post...they are all spam comments. and they are such a pain! :)

    hope that answers your question!


  2. I guess I'm just too old fashioned to "get" this stuff. WHY would someone want to do that, what do they get out of it?!! Thanks for the replay, you're a sweetheart!