Saturday, March 21, 2009

New WIP ... another baby quilt

One of our hygienist's just had her first baby ... Madilyn Rose. Jess brought her by the office one day this week for us to admire her gorgeous two week old baby sweetness and now that my new machine has arrived, I think I can tackle this project over the weekend. This is starting with a part of a fabric panel from Moda called Sleepytime and it's absolutely adorable. Pinks and blues, yellows and greens, cute, cute, cute prints. Since I don't need the pinks right now for Benjamin, I picked those out of the charm pack and started from there. Not going to do anything fancy. When the fabric's this cute, you don't want to cut it up too much! Finished project will be posted when, ... well, when it's finished! Now, back to work! (Or play, I should say ... "work" is what happens Monday morning through Friday afternoon.)


  1. First let me say THANK YOU!!! for the package - the fabric was gorgeous and the directions were very helpful. I can't wait to sit down to work on it now.
    Second - how great of Jimmy to get you a new machine! I'm sure you'll find out just how much you love it very soon (if you haven't been a quilting fiend already since you got it!)

  2. Forgot to tell you how much I love this quilt too - so very simple but so darn cute!

  3. Yes, I've been a sewing fiend all weekend. I still have tomorrow to do laundry. (Heck, who am I kidding ... I do laundry EVERY day!!!) Yup, I'm loving this new machine. It does lots of really pretty stitches and soon I'm going to try the free motion quilting; I just want to get this top done first. I am glad you liked your package, sorry it took so long to get it to you.