Thursday, March 5, 2009

Passionate for Purple

My co-worker and friend Wendy is having a birthday Sunday and I wanted to make her something. She loves purple. I didn't have time to do a quilt ... even a lap sized one ... at this time, so I decided to make her a tote bag, since she liked my pink one so much. It's past my bedtime but it's done and I can give it to her at work tomorrow. Yeah for me!!!


  1. Great job Aunt Donna. I so badly want to get back in my sewing room. With D home it shouldn't be as hard. You have been on fire lately with all your quilting projects!! I want to make bonnets Little House on the Prairie style for me and Avery to work out in the yard with. You just can't let some dreams go, I always did want to be half pint. Have a great weekend!!

  2. Of course, I love this tote too! You really have an eye for color combos.