Saturday, March 21, 2009

A new toy

Every mother knows that you can love all of your children differently. Not different in terms of "how much", but just different. So having said that, my middle son has elevated himself in terms of acute awareness as he saw my frustration in trying to get my ancient sewing machine to behave itself on many occasions (the fact that it's just outside his bedroom door might have something to do with that) and he bought me a new sewing machine. Now I'll be able to try my hand at free motion quilting ... something my old machine couldn't handle because the feed dogs didn't lower. So it should be a marathon sewing weekend. Which works for me!!! (My husband would say as long as I'm sewing, I'm not out buying fabric. Soon he'll catch on to the fact that even though there is a very limited selection of places to buy fabric that are close enough that I would be willing to drive there **yet another story** there are online fabric stores too many to count! And I am very comfortable with THAT kind of travel!) Hope everyone else has an awesome weekend too!

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  1. Now look at Jimmy getting bonus points. What a smart boy!!!! It is always fun to get a new toy isn't?! Things are looking great, and I love the bunny quilt.