Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend project: Disappearing 9 square table runner (Thanks, p.s. i quilt Rachel!)

I've seen the "disappearing 9 square" in numerous projects as I browsed various blogs and flickr pics and knew I wanted to try one sometime. Then darling Rachel Griffith (can I adopt you ?!!) posted a tutorial on her blog and ta-da ... here you go!

Now that I have a machine that will free motion quilt, I anticipate finishing up projects faster (okay, who am I kidding? Finishing up projects PERIOD ... got some UFO's around that may actually get some attention now!)

Okay ... how's this for a "DUH!!" moment ... as I'm sewing the 9 square blocks together and then slicing them up to rearrange the pieces and re-stitch them, I'm saying to myself, gee, you can't even tell it started as a simple 9 square ... oh, duh... DISAPPEARING 9 square!!! (Here's your sign!)

I like the idea of using a bit of color on the back so I decided to give it a try. That, and the fact that the piece of re-cycled sheet I was using was a tad short. I also got Jess's baby quilt all quilted and the binding stitched on. As soon as I get it hand stitched, I'll post it as well. Happy Sunday!

Oh, by the way ... the fabric is a charm pack from Moda "Sweet" by Urban Chiks. I love it. I have another charm pack, maybe I'll just make another one!


  1. Ha! Here's your sign cracked me up. Remember the video? It took me a while to clue in on the disappearing 9 patch too.

  2. firstly...yes you can adopt me!!!!
    and secondly...i LOVE this in the 'sweet' line so much so that i just decided that i HAVE to have one for my dining room table for spring!!!
    oh that would be SO pretty!!!

    you did a great job.
    and i won't tell anyone about your duh moment...hahaha.

  3. Aunt Donna I love the quilt. You sure are a busy bee. The free motion quilting looks awesome. We have been busy here mowing grass(okay I use we loosely, more like me)cleaning out the garage, because I will get to park there one day, and chasing after the boys, mainly Tripp. Oh before I forget, I also LOVE the baby quilt with the bunny, now if only I were having more kids........

  4. I love this in the sweet, so cute!

  5. that may be my most favorite fabric line ever. love your quilt!